Design and plans for new construction


We work for you, with you!

Thanks to our extensive experience acquired over the years in residential architecture, we work in collaboration with you to create a customized design that respects your ideas and tastes.

Project stages

1. Meet

At our first meeting, we'll listen carefully to your needs, expectations, budget, schedule and wish list so we can evaluate your project!

This is also the time when we collect your sketches, plans, examples and any other documents needed to complete the project.

2. Service offering

Following an analysis of your needs, we submit a personalized service offer, describing the detailed steps and fees involved in producing the documents required to complete your project.

3. Conceptual development

  • Site visit
  • Space survey
  • Exploratory study and research for building location and layout
  • Valuation and determination of surface areas
  • Sunshine analysis
  • Regulatory compliance study
  • Conceptual research into volumes and choice of materials
  • Definition of project cost budget targets
  • Planning and programming interior spaces
  • 2d-3d sketches of the exterior envelope and interior spaces in black and white or color
  • Production of the concept for validation and approval by the customer

4. Preliminary drawings

Once the concept has been established and the requirements have been met, we draw up the preliminary plans:
  • Production of floor plans, elevations and cross-sections
  • Coordination with stakeholders as needed
  • Production of a rough estimate of materials and colors

5. Construction drawings

Complete and produce technical construction plans and specifications for your project. 
  • Finalization of all plans, elevations and cross-sections 
  • Addition of technical details and typical wall sections